Making time for me

Nov 19, 2020 | Blog

What will Christmas look like this year? We wish we had some top-secret information to share to reassure everyone that all will be just so. Alas, no but what we are hearing from friends and family all too often, is that we’re already feeling physically worn out, mentally overloaded, and emotionally exhausted. 

2020 has sent our stress levels through the roof and our routines into chaos leaving our body feeling out of sorts. Even our skin feels tired and dried out thanks to the winter chill that’s arrived. 

And let’s be honest, it is only going to get busier the closer we get to Christmas. Plans will be made last minute, shopping for those final stocking treats will be to the wire and who’s even considered the turkey. Is it big enough for an entire houseful but small enough that should visitation rights be revoked, we’re not left with dinner à la turkey ‘til January?! 

According to Sports England, 65% of adults agreed physical activity helped manage mental health in lockdown. Whether it’s a hardcore workout or a relaxing swim, exercise is a great way to unwind and have that well-earned time to ourselves. For many of us around the UK, our gyms and leisure centres have been closed and for those that aren’t under strict lockdown restrictions, making time for exercise is dropping down the priority list. 


We’ve been on the hunt for ways to clear our minds and refocus our energy to keep us calm and mentally strong, here are our top suggestions. 


Face masks 

We’re not talking about the hands, face, space kind of mask. We mean the self-care rejuvenation kind of mask. There are so many available with different results from moisturising, anti-aging to rehydrating or you can go organic and make your own with half an avocado, a tsp of honey, and a tsp of plain natural yogurt. It doesn’t matter, it’s more about taking 10 minutes to sit back, close your eyes and go to your happy place.

Drink water 

Don’t panic, we are not talking litres and litres! Just 4-6 glasses of water a day can see your skin glow, your body function better, and apparently, it keeps you looking younger – Result! 

Not a fan of water? We get it, water is not for everyone – take it slow, try adding a glass a day to get you started, honestly you will be delighted with the benefits if you persevere. 


Did you know, research suggests clutter can increase your stress levels. Whether it be your work area or your home, a pre-Christmas clear out is just what the doctor ordered. Not only will you feel organised and tidy, but it will also make way for those Christmas decs and get you moving. It will leave you feeling lighter and refreshed. 

Sleep it off 

Everything is always brighter after a good night’s sleep. Had a heavy day in the (home) office or the kids have been super demanding and fried your energy levels? Make an effort to get yourself into bed 15 mins earlier than usual and switch off! If you struggle to switch off, do not reach for the phone/iPad, the screen will have your brain in overdrive. Reach for a book… really … they do still exist, not everything has gone digital 100% yet! 


Increasing everyday pressures and technology has contributed to our minds spinning all the time. Meditation allows us to slow that spinning right down and focus on being kind to ourselves. Known to reduce stress, control anxiety, increase self-awareness, and lengthen your attention span, taking just 10 mins first thing in the morning to meditate will help you face the day with a positive mindset. 

Keep moving  

Find a few minutes every hour to take a short walk, turn the music up, and dance like no one is watching or star jump around the office. Those little moments will recharge your batteries and clear your thoughts helping you to refocus on the task at hand. 

Check out our blog '10 tips to keep moving!' for more ideas on squeezing extra activities into your day. 

With life even more hectic than ever before, taking just a little bit of time out for you can work wonders for your mental and emotional health. Please, please make sure you take time to slow down, take a breath, and get set to go again! 


Don’t forget, if fitness is your favourite way to have some you time, we have a whole host of challenges waiting for you. 

The 4 week challenge – If you want a quick hit each day to get you motivated then check out our Bums, Tums and arms challenge. 

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Stay safe, stay active, stay strong.