Terms & Conditions

Name Our Mascot Competition

Last Updated: 04 Jul 2024

  1.  The Promoter is Serco Leisure Ltd, 38 Scudamore Road, Leicester, LE3 1UQ
  2. The “Name Our Mascot” competition is available for individuals to enter over the age of 18.
  3. The “Name Our Mascot” competition is available for individuals to enter from 12:30pm on Monday 8th July 2024 until 12:30pm on Monday 22nd July 2024, but may be withdrawn or amended at any time and without notice.
  4. First prize is one 12-month swimming lesson membership at Jersey AquaSplash, which will be valid from 23rd July 2024 until 23rd July 2025. This 12-month swimming lesson membership can be for either children’s swimming lessons or adult swimming lessons.
  5. There will be ten runner-up prizes, with only one runner-up prize to be given per runner-up, to be allocated to entrants that have either; also submitted the same name that is chosen as the winning name (up to ten) or have entered names that the judging panel at Jersey AquaSplash felt were names that were close to being selected as the winner. The runner-up prize is a free family swim for up to five people.
  6.  The winning name will be selected by a panel of judges from all eligible entrants by 5pm on Monday 22nd July 2024 and will be contacted via the AquaSplash Facebook Page on Facebook.
  7. If the winning name has been entered by multiple entrants, then the winning will be picked at random from all of those entrants who have entered the same name. Those entrants who have entered the same name, but do not win the prize will be the first entrants to be considered for the ten runner-up prizes. If there are more than ten entrants who have entered the same name, exceeding the amount of runner-up prizes available, then the runner-up prizes will be allocated at random from the pool of entries who have entered the same name with the first prize winner dismissed from eligibility of the runner-up prize.
  8. The selected winner has until 12:30pm Wednesday 24th July 2024 to respond to the confirmation message, if they don’t reply by this time, a new winner will be selected
  9. To enter the “Name Our Mascot” competition, entrants will need to “Comment” on the “Name Our Mascot” Facebook post that is published at 12:30pm on Monday 8th July 2024 on the AquaSplash Facebook Page with the name they would like to suggest our mascot is called.
  10. Entrants can submit a “Comment” with their suggested name as many times as they like, but the name will be chosen by a judging panel whereby the number of times a name has been suggested will not necessarily impact the outcome of the name chosen.
  11. The entrant must agree to take part in publicity if they are selected as the winner of the competition. This will include a photo opportunity at the centre and using their first name to announce them as the winner. If the winner doesn’t wish to agree to this, a new winner will be selected.
  12. If a current swimming lesson member is selected as a winner, they will have their existing membership cancelled and the free 12-month swimming lesson member started in its place.
  13. No alternative prizes are available as part of the “Name Our Mascot” competition.
  14.  Management reserves the right to cancel or refuse an individual’s membership with justified reason.